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Maintenance, Service Calls and Emergencies Serving Southern NH and Central MA (including the greater Nashua area)
No one can predict when you may need to replace a part on your system. However, you can count on fast, professional repairs with Anrik Irrigation. Our office is staffed Monday-Friday 7:30-5:00. Our fleet of 4 service vans means we can get a service technician to your home or business that day or no later than the following day.

Spring Start Ups     Fall and Winterizing
The beginning of each spring is a good time to have your lawn sprinkler system tuned up and checked for any problems that may cause your system to not run efficiently. At Anrik Irrigation, our customers have come to trust us for this very important service.

1. We schedule to come over to your house, and if you leave us access to the water, we’ll turn the water source on and adjust the backflow preventer.
2. We run through each zone and check for leaks, broken sprinklers, make adjustments to the spray patterns if necessary and identify any problems or potential problems with the zone.
3. If we notice a problem, such as a broken sprinkler or leaking valve, we can fix the problem immediately. Our 4 service vans are fully stocked to make sure most problems can be repaired in one stop.
4. Once the system has been checked over, we’ll set the controller to a spring water cycle (we must have access to the controller at this visit). In the spring it is not necessary to water as much or often as the drier times during the summer.
5. Any recommendations will be noted for you, and repairs will be billed separately.
Most spring start ups can be done in less than an hour. This service is an important step in properly maintaining your sprinkler system.

Call Anrik Irrigation for details about our spring V.I.P. program or to schedule a spring start up service for your system.
    Protective steps for cold weather

In the event of extreme cold weather as we sometimes see here during Fall in NH and MA, if your system has not been winterized yet, there are a couple of steps that you should take to prevent freeze damage.

Be sure to shut off the water that feeds the irrigation system.
Using your controller, activate zone 1 for a minute, this will open the valve and allow the main line water to flow down the back flow pipe and into the valve box.

If you have a faucet or a plug connected to the pipe that comes out of the house, open that. Some water may drain out. Leave these ports open.

Make sure your controller is unplugged or in the off position.

These simple steps taken during a cold snap will sufficiently drain the outside components of your system and prevent any damage. All the valves, pipes and sprinklers in the ground will be safe. It takes a long time for the ground to actually freeze deep enough to cause damage to below surface parts. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to call our office at 603-672-1431.

Keep this next to your controller for future reference.
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